Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Classroom Reveal 2015

I am excited to be linking up with both Angie and Ashley for #2getherwearebetter AND with Blog Hoppin' for my very first classroom reveal!

This year I decided to go with a black and brights theme with a hint of Harry Potter! So far I am loving it and so are the students!

Before we start, sorry for the poor picture quality. The lighting in my room is not the best.

Outside of my classroom, I have our welcome board. I plan on putting up pictures with the students wearing the Sorting Hat on their house flag soon!

On my door, I have the sing for Platform 9 3/4 along with the Hogwarts Express. My students bring their train ticket on the first day of school to get into the classroom.

Near the doorway is our writing station, solving differences posters, and resolving conflict posters. The solving differences posters are from Not So Wimpy Teacher, which can be found here for FREE, while the resolving conflict posters are from Tales of a Tenacious Teacher found here.

Next to our writing station, is my Smartboard and whiteboard. On the right side of the Smartboard, I have Not So Wimpy Teacher's quality booster posters found here. I have taken down our rubrics and schedule since I took this picture and now use it as a place to put our current anchor charts.  The jars are where we keep track of house points. Underneath the Smartboard, I have our root word vocabulary posters that can be found in my store here.

On the left side of the Smartboard, I have place four our objectives and daily class goal. I also love using Tales of a Tenacious Teacher's response protocols and her Show Five posters - I switched them to Give Me Five. In the buckets, I have student bookmarks, which I use for partnering, and brain breaks.

In the corner of my room, we have our "Watch Me Grow" board. I got this idea from Tales of a Tenacious Teacher as well - can you tell I loved all of our Monday Made Its this summer? Underneath the title, you will see my version of the Super Improver Wall. It's Harry Potter creature style! This week, my students got to place their brag tags next to their star cards. Above my board, is my SMART posters to hep my students remember how to write their weekly academic goals.

Finally, a portion of my classroom library is shown in this picture. I couldn't get a picture of the rest because of the lightning, but it goes on for quite a while! I love to read and hope that I can instill that love in my students.

One of the back corners of our room is reserved for our vocabulary center. On the air condition unit, I have up Jen Jones' Shades of Meaning center. The bins house the student materials for the vocabulary games that are on the bulletin board. Each game has a QR code the students can scan with their Chromebooks.

On the back wall, is our math bulletin board and center storage. On the bulletin board, I have up my Math Writing: Problem Solving Strategy Posters, the Teacher Studio's story problems, and our Mountain Math weekly warm-ups. On the counter, are the math centers my students complete using their bubble cards - an idea which I am in love with from the Primary Gal! 

The other back corner is my guided reading and math area. Above the board are Tales of a Tenacious Teacher's Accountable Talk Posters. On the bulletin board, I have her Reading Strategy posters as well as our Bloom's Taxonomy Poster and Critical Thinking poster. I got both of those ideas from Jen Jones, but wanted to change the colors to fit my room. She has them both in her store here and here.

In the middle of the room, we have our four house tables. I don't have a picture of all four, but here is one of the Slytherin table. The banner is stuck on the back of the bookshelves. The bookshelves are where the students keep their bin and all of their supplies.

Thanks for coming by! I hope everyone enjoyed their classroom tour. I know I have loved looking at all the wonderful classrooms and getting so many great ideas!


  1. Love the Harry Potter influence! Your kids must love their "house table." Do you change them throughout the year?

    Thanks for sharing!
    The Crescent City Classroom

    1. Thanks! They do love it! We sort into new houses on the first of every month after the house that just won gets lunch and a treat in the classroom with me. I think a month is a good amount of time before they, and I, need a change! Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Great job on the Harry Potter train door! I love it!! Great classroom!!
    Ms. Pretzel's 2nd Grade Bugs

  4. Super classroom! Fun, purposeful and engaging! I've no doubt the kids in your room are constantly inspired to learn :)