Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Made It - July 20

Hey everyone! I am excited to be linking up with the amazing Tara for Monday Made It again this week! This week is all about math workshop!

(NOTE: Only four of the ten games are shown in the picture.)

My first made it are the fabulous "I Can" 4th Grade Math Games created by One Stop Teacher Shop. I am so excited to use these games year round to help my students prepare for our new end of the year tests that we started last year! I also love how engaging they are and that I can differentiate for my students needs. If you haven't checked these games out, I highly suggest you do. One Stop Teacher Shop has them for 1st through 5th grade and they are all aligned to the Common Core. You can find them here.
My second made it are student rings that will help my students prove their math answers with color when they visit the word problem center.

Using these cards, my students will have to explain how they found their answer, what their answer is - in a complete sentence, and how they know their answer is correct. They will also need to show their thinking with math vocabulary and their work with number sentences and labeled pictures. Each of these steps will be underlined, highlighted, boxed, and/or circled in a different color. If you are interested in checking them about, you can find them in my TPT store here.

My final made it are my Back to School Math centers to help my new fourth graders review third grade multiplication and division skills. My students will complete all of these centers during the first few weeks of school!

Center #1 - This will help my students write multiplication sentences for specific arrays.

Center #2 - This will help my students identify what type of division problem they are solving.

Center #3 (And my favorite!) - This will help my students solve for unknown factors.

Center #4 - This will help my students solve division problems.

Center #7 - This will help my students build arrays based on two factors.

Center #5 - This will help my students identify properties of multiplication.

Center #6 - This will help my students list multiples of a number.

Center #8 - This will help my students write fact families based on three specific numbers.

I hope my kids have as much fun playing the games as I did making them! All of my centers will be stored in my rolling cart, so that students can easily grab them and find a quiet spot around the room to play! 

That's all from me today! Now, it's time to really dig into my planning. I only have three weeks of summer left! Make sure to stop by Tara's blog and see what everyone else has been up to!


  1. What great resources!!! You sure were busy :)
    Teaching in Paradise

  2. I love all of the math games! I have had the "I can" math games on my wishlist forever.....after seeing your post I think I need to purchase them!!


    1. Thanks! I think the "I Can" math games are a great addition to any classroom!

  3. I absolutley LOVE those student rings!!! They are just fab! Thanks for linking up!!

  4. I have those I Can games in my cart. I'm excited to see that other people are excited about them too! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. I love all of your task/ games. Super cute.

  6. Wow! Love these centers. Your kids will be busy learning from the beginning of school-- Great job!

    My Bright Blue House

    1. Thank you! I am so excited to have the kids use them!