Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Making the Most of Scholastic Orders

Hey everyone! It feels like I have been away from the blogging world forever due to starting school. We've been back for about two weeks now and I love my new group of students!

One of the items that is always on my summer to-do list is to write a grant for books for our classroom library. This year I submitted a proposal for $350 worth of new books with a local organization and got it! I was so excited!

I decided right away that I would use this money for a Scholastic Book order during the month of August (but you could also do it during September).

The reason for this is that if you order by September 30, 2015 and spend over $300, you get 10,000 bonus points, $30 to spend right now, and 10 free new books! There are other rewards too, depending on how much the teacher spends! For the full list, see the chart below:

After looking at the list of rewards and the books on my wish list, I decided to spend $200 on Scholastic and $150 on Amazon. Because I spent $200, I got 3,500 bonus points and $25 dollars to spend right then. I also received 10 FREE new books and TWO FREE books, of my choice, during the month of September. 

With the money and bonus on Scholastic, I was able to get these books for the students (I also got some mentor texts, but they are not in the pictures) shown below.

In this first box, there are I Survived books (both fiction and nonfiction), Wings of Fire, Hugo Cabret, nonfiction books, Spirit Animals, Who Was biographies, Absolutely Almost, I Totally Funniest, Whatever After, and more.

In the second box, I got the entire Guardians of Ga'hoole and A-Z Mysteries series as well as the new Goosebumps Movie Set books, Goosebumps Monster Movie Guide, and eleven of the Judy Moody books.

I also got the entire Chronicles of Narnia series.

With my Amazon money, I was able to get the entire Sister's Grimm series (a new class favorite) and all five books in the Secret Series.

Again, I got all of this for $350 plus my 3,500 bonus points from Scholastic! It really is a steal. If you ever get grants or parent orders during August/September, I highly suggest you try and use them towards their back-to-school bonus points. It makes your money go a lot further, which is always a bonus for teachers!

Now, that I have my books, I need to label them and put them in my classroom library. This is just a portion of my library...I couldn't fit it all in one picture!

I promised my kids I would do that before tomorrow, so I better stop typing and go start labeling! Thanks, everyone, for stopping by!

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