Sunday, August 2, 2015

{Week 2} BTS in a Flash: Curriculum Must Haves

I am so excited to be linking up today with the second week of the Back to School in a Flash blog series! This week everyone is talking about Curriculum Must Haves!

Here are my must have products:

My first must have product is one that I made and plan on using all year long, my Super Roots Poster. Each week, my students and I discover, explore, and learn about one new root word. These posters will help my students remember the roots we are learning, see how to use a root word to define an unknown word, and give them examples of related words. I plan on keeping the posters up all year long to for them to use as a reference!

My second must have product is one I started using last year and loved, Blair Turner's 4th Grade Common Core Interactive Notebook All Standards Bundle! It is an amazing resource that helped my students understand and ENJOY various math concepts. I use this product during my whole group lessons as well as during small groups and for center activities. I am excited to use it even more this year!
My third and four must have products are ones that are currently sitting in my cart, waiting to be purchased during the TpT BTS sale!

The first product is from Ideas by Jivey. It's her Mentor Sentences for Grades 3-5 Volume 1 bundle. I have debated over getting this product for the last two years and have finally decided that this year is the year I am going to dive into mentor sentences. I am so excited to use them and, after looking through her blog and watching her mentor sentences videos, I know they will be perfect for my classroom. I plan on using the mentor texts during my Reader's Workshop as well! She also just came out with a Volume 2 for Grades 3-5 and part of it is all about using nonfiction book. I may just have to pick it up too!

 The second product is from Teaching in Room 6! It's her Paragraph of the Week resource! This resource is jam-packed with 36 weeks of writing prompts. It takes students through a structured routine of writing paragraphs. I plan on using it in my classroom during the first two months of school then, once my students are familiar with the routine, sending it home for their weekly homework. I will then start using her Essay of the Month resource in the classroom! If you haven't checked out these two resources, I highly suggest you do!

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  1. I shared about Jivey's Mentor Sentences too and I also have the paragraph of the week in my cart. It looks great and easy to implement. The other products look great too! Love Blair Turner and your root word posters look amazing!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

    1. I completely agree! I am excited to be using both those resources this year! Thank you so much and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Uhhhhh I just put your root pack onto my wishlist... it looks AMAZING!!! Love the clean and crisp design to really make the content pop and be clear to learners!
    Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

    1. Kelli, when I saw that you had commented, I was so excited! You have no idea how much your blog has helped me out during my first couple of years of teaching! I am so glad you like the look of the root pack! Again, thank you for stopping by and thanks for being an inspiration to many!

  3. That root pack is AWESOME! I love the idea of studying one each week & the colors on the posters are great. I just added it to my wish list too!

    1. I am so glad you like it! If you haven't already, check out Hope King's post on root words. The roots I am using match her free song! Thanks for stopping by!